This network/fellowship is for those who desire to connect in Kingdom Alignment with us to receive an Apostolic Covering and to participate in a committed covenant relationship. They will relate themselves to EMFI in co-operation and mutual fellowship. We will help train and release men and women into their original call of ministry. It is our desire to help those churches and ministries who are prophetically inclined to be linked together, to sharpen and edify each other. 
The PURPOSE of EMFI is to BUILD and NOT JUST TO BLESS. We will work through covenant bonds with those who would want us to build with them, rather than with those who want us to bring blessings only. EMFI is mantled to provide continual prophetic and apostolic input until we can take the church through the leadership to move from pastoral function to apostolic function and to influence other churches in that region.
EMFI offers its members many benefits which include:
  • Apostolic Network of Ministers, Churches and Ministries
  • Five-Fold Ministry Leadership and Resources
  • Ministerial Covering and Credentials
  • Relational Fellowship and Support Network
  • Leadership Empowerment Conferences
  • Mentoring Groups
  • Ministries and Resources for Women in Ministry
  • International Evangelism and Missions Opportunities
If you would like to be a Covenant Member we welcome you to let EMFI be the “Covering” for you and your Church or Ministry.  If you are interested in learning more about our membership, please click on the "Kingdom Pastors and Leadersquestionnaire below, and we will be in contact with you. We welcome your commitment to Equipping Ministries Fellowship International.  
If you are interested in becoming one of our Contributing Donors, we also welcome your commitment to the financial support of the work and missions of EMFI and its commission to help bring souls to Christ, for the building of God’s Kingdom. In return, we will add you to our mailing list of supporters and keep you informed by providing you with monthly updates on each of our programs, we will also send you an Annual Progress report, so you will know how your tax-deducted contribution has benefited our ministries.  Please fill out the "Contributing Donor" form below.  You can go to the "Your Contribution" page to submit your donation.  We will be in contact with you to discuss how you would like to sow your seed to the ministry of EMFI.
Thank you for your support! 
Thursday 8:00 pm (EST) - Apostle's 
       Roundtable on Facebook Live

Saturday 8:00 pm (EST) - Intercessory

       Prayer on Telecall 605-562-0444,

       code: 129989#

660 E. 185th Street
P. O. Box 19102
Cleveland, OH 44119 
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