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Equipping Ministries Fellowship International (EMFI) is an Apostolic network of ministers, churches, and ministries that were founded by Apostle Martin Griffin. His vision is to provide a spiritual covering to develop, equip, train, activate, be a resource, and to empower men and women of God who can operate in five-fold ministries and other leadership roles.
The goal of EMFI is to be a relational fellowship which provides opportunities for personal leadership development through resourcing, mentoring, accountability, and restoration. One of the needs in the Body of Christ is for ministerial relationships and networks to provide an apostolic covering by spiritual fathers, who impart and mentor a new generation of mighty men and women of God. Today, EMFI is a growing fellowship of ministers, churches, and ministries in the USA and other nations.
Apostle's heart is for ministries and their families to be all God created them to be, so they can do all God has called them to do in fulfilling their destiny!
As you browse our site, our prayer is that you will take away something that will strengthen your commitment and cause you to desire to know the Father in a greater measure. May His Blessings be yours!
- Apostle Martin and Evangelist Brenda Griffin

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Thursday 8:00 pm (EST) - Apostle's 
       Roundtable on Facebook Live

Saturday 8:00 pm (EST) - Intercessory

       Prayer on Telecall 605-562-0444,

       code: 129989#

660 E. 185th Street
P. O. Box 19102
Cleveland, OH 44119 
P | 216-264-6155
E | equipmin@yahoo.com 
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